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Working Together. Changing Care.

Follow this link to read my reflections on the Dementia, Narrative and Culture Network workshop Working Together, held in Senate House London, 23rd November 2018; published on The Polyphony site, a space for Conversations across the Medical Humanities hosted by Durham University. The post also refers to an interview I conducted with my local project partner, Tony Britton, who launched the Pam Britton Trust for Dementia in Warwickshire (click here for the full interview, hosted on the Trust’s What’s New page).

Changing care

Giving a paper at the workshop Working Together: Collaboration beyond the Academy in Research in Dementia and Culture, London, November 23, 2018.

Sharing Tony Britton’s (Pam Britton Trust for Dementia) and my work towards changing dementia care – on how a neuropharmacologist-cum-health-humanist and a caregiver-turned-activist work together to achieve improved caregiver and patient support.

Living before Dying. Imagining and Remembering Home.

I have reviewed Janette Davies’s Living before Dying, a book amongst others about the relationship between the patient’s and caregiver’s quality of life in professional care settings, in this week’s Times Higher Education: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/books/review-living-before-dying-janette-davies-berghahn.