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Literature and Dementia Care

The title of the plenary lecture I delivered at the Symposium on Ethics, Agency, and Personhood in Dementia at the University of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen, in August 2022, reflecting on how particular genres, narrative perspectives and tropes may or may not be productive for an enabling approach to the person with dementia and their care. Great to join Marlene Goldman, Ina Kjogx Pedersen and Peter Simonsen for a panel discussion, moderated by Cindie Maagaard, on the use of narrative medicine in dementia care.

Changing care

Giving a paper at the workshop Working Together: Collaboration beyond the Academy in Research in Dementia and Culture, London, November 23, 2018.

Sharing Tony Britton’s (Pam Britton Trust for Dementia) and my work towards changing dementia care – on how a neuropharmacologist-cum-health-humanist and a caregiver-turned-activist work together to achieve improved caregiver and patient support.

The Poetics and Politics of Alzheimer’s Disease Life-Writing

How do people with Alzheimer’s disease articulate their illness experience? Read more in my post to the King’s College London English Department blog about my new book, The Poetics and Politics of Alzheimer’s Disease Life-Writing, at https://blogs.kcl.ac.uk/english/2017/10/04/the-poetics-and-politics-of-alzheimers-disease-life-writing/#more-1132.